George Washington Coffee
~George Washington Inn~
Port Angeles, Washington

Our Gourmet Blends

A "cup of George" is no ordinary cup of joe.
Roasted to perfection by the best specialty coffee roast masters in Seattle.


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HANDY SIZE: Attractive 2 oz. packets of our Presidential Blend. Only $3 each 
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Choose from our blends of fine coffee as listed below:

Mount Vernon Blend

An excellent choice for quiet moments on the veranda. The Mount Vernon Blend takes the best Central American coffee beans and adds a twist, yielding the smoothest, most appealing coffee in the world. Its mild, milk chocolate introduction is followed by a nutty middle, then leaves a soft, sweet finish.
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Presidential Blend

Our signature blend of coffee. With a spirited and adventuresome taste, this coffee reflects the leadership genius that embodied our first president. It is a medium dark roast, pulled just at the right time and temperature, ensuring its wildness is tamed before getting out of control. A powerful, full-bodied coffee that finishes with a soft, nutty smokiness.
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Valley Forge Blend

A strong full-bodied blend with a dynamic taste. This is the darkest of our roasts and has an intense, rugged flavor. The bold body is paired with the lingering aftertaste a blend this dark is known for, delivering a smooth, full-bodied, crisp finishing cup.
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Legacy Blend

A decaffeinated medium body house blend. The Legacy Blend is made using a natural decaffeination process that is environmentally safe while leaving all the essential flavors in the coffee. A medium roast coffee, it boasts a smooth, mild-bodied taste without showing any signs of offensiveness common to decaf.
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Enjoy the finest specialty coffee for $10.95 per 12 oz bag. Volume discounts are available.
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